375,000 individuals are served by a food bank in Ontario each month.

This accounts for almost half of food bank users in Canada.

These people are probably not who you think they are.

Would you guess...

That more than 1/3 of those served are children?
(131,723 children monthly in Ontario)

Or that fewer than ¼ live in social housing?

Or would you guess...

Students and recent graduates in rural communities are one of the fastest growing groups of food bank users?

The demands on food banks in Ontario are increasing.

Food prices have outpaced the normal rate of inflation, forcing Canadians to spend more than 14% of their income on food.1

Other support systems in our communities are no longer able to keep up.

1Charlebois et al. Food Price Index 2013, University of Guelph Economic Brief, 2012. Statistic Canada

Every year, food banks in Ontario run out of supplies.

To meet these growing demands, we need to think outside the box.

Many members of the Ontario Association of Food Banks provide:

Food-focused programs
Community kitchens
Community gardens
Diet specific foods
Nutrition advice
Skill-building programs
Education and training
Budgeting help
Assistance with employment searches
Social services programs
Health care
Child care
Programs for expecting or new moms


And the OAFB provides support to 127 Ontario food banks and over 1,100 hunger relief programs.

Together, we provide ongoing, progressive community programs that help break the cycle of poverty.

These important programs help empower people to recover their independence.

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